Dr. John R. Christophers Herbal Lectures John R. Christopher

ISBN: 9781879436022

Published: 1979

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Dr. John R. Christophers Herbal Lectures  by  John R. Christopher

Dr. John R. Christophers Herbal Lectures by John R. Christopher
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The third book I read and review was the Border-Pups: Crashbat. Crashbat was written by Courtney Freeman, Illustrated by Theresa Finnelli and Colors by Thiago Castro. The story centers around best friends, Lush and Brim and Lush’s brother, Dawg. Crashbat is similar to baseball and the boys decided to go out and play a game.

The problem comes when Brim has trouble playing the game. He isn’t good at being the “kicker” in the outfield or up to bat yet Lush and Dawg are both very good at the game. Brim is feeling very down but both Lush and Dawg offer to help Brim practice to become better at the game. That night, Brim is still upset about his skills and his Father takes the chance to teach him a couple of lessons.

1) Some people aren’t good at something so they give up but Lush is already willing to try to practice and better himself at the sport. 2) Not everyone is good at the same things, and if everyone could do the same thing the world would be boring. The next day when the boys show up to help Brim practice he is bouncing on a pogo stick, and he’s doing an amazing job. However when Lush tries he isn’t very good at it.

Brim ends up taking the lessons his Father taught him and teaching his friends. In the end the boys enjoy doing the activities they are good at but also take turns practicing the activities they weren’t good at. Another fun story to teach kids lessons. I know kids do feel competitive and they also compare themselves to each other. This is a great way to teach them to accept their differences and take joy in the fact that not everyone is good at the same thing.

I do hope to see more from Border-Pups.

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