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Published: January 24th 2011


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CLOUDY JEWEL  by  Grace Livingston Hill

CLOUDY JEWEL by Grace Livingston Hill
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Julia Cloud is a middle-aged spinster of slender means. After spending several years nursing her ailing mother, she is now orphaned, and facing the prospect of becoming an unpaid drudge and childminder for her selfish sister and domineering brother-in-law.

Luckily for her, her nephew and niece, children of her late brother, choose this moment to burst back into her life and demand that she come and be mother for them as they go to college. This she does, and spends the rest of the book turning the pair of them into enthusiastic Christians, largely by means of emotional blackmail (she never tells them what to do, but she has an excellent line in looking shocked and upset when they want to go dancing, or not go church).However, despite the heavy Christian element, this is actually a rather nice book. Julia (or Cloudy Jewel as her niece and nephew call her) has more gumption than my previous description might make you think- her sister and family are entertainingly horrible- the niece and nephew are quite fun (and the niece proves to be, most usefully at times, a crack shot)- and theres a pair of sweet romances towards the end.

And theres generally a lot more fun in the book than in, say, the works of the authors aunt, Pansy (which are really rather dismal).

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