Snap Happy Fiona Walker

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Snap Happy  by  Fiona Walker

Snap Happy by Fiona Walker
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Just finished this book half an hour ago literally. I have to say I love Fiona Walkers writing style - its funny, crazy and so unbelievable at times I cant help but snort disbelievingly at the embarassment that some of the characters go through. However, compared to my first Walker book - Kiss Chase - I found the two stories couldnt really comapare.Firstly, after I fell madly, deeply (and perhaps too obsessively) in love with Kiss Chase I rushed out to find all of Ms. Walkers books. I tried several from the Oddlobe Valley series and found the names, people and general antics just too strange and erractic to get my head around.

Snap Happy would be the first Fiona Walker book Ive tried without any mention of horses.I really did like some parts of the book but found some parts throughly frustrating. Phoebe (from Kiss Chase) was a pretty bad slob as well but oh, Juno took the cake in this one. I found her so over-the-place and annoying that I wanted to yell at her to GET HERSELF TOGETHER FOR BLOODY ONCE.

I quite liked Jay in the beginning but as the story progressed I found him to be so damn mysterious that if there wasnt some kind of good explanation for his behaviour Id start hating him. Seriously.Juno and Jays interaction throughout the book before the very end was kinda frustrating to read. I found that they fought for such riduculous reasons and for so freaking long that I was starting to drift off a little until the end.

I also found some of the other characters (except maybe Finlay) hard to take to and I didnt really feel much much for them. The good side of this story was definately the reappearance (however how brief) of Kiss Chase characters. I was weeping with joy when the mention of Felix and Phoebe came, and I guess a little at Piers Fox.Overall, this book was quite fun to read in some parts but Im still trying to find a Walker book that would outdo Kiss Chase.

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